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Boosting online booking business with Chatbot

Introduction Numerous business today have been making a shift towards the e-commerce industry to boost their revenue. In this race, it becomes essential to reach out to customers through a portal where they spend most of their time, which is online. Companies have to keep up with fresh things in the market. If they do[...]
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Chatbot – The AI powered way to Improve your Bounce rate

Introduction – Chatbot, the conversation starter If you have a business in the digital field, you may have tried different marketing strategies for attracting traffic and generating customers. As users spend time on your site, it portrays their rate of engagement which can tell you about how appealing your website actually is. However, the best[...]
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Chatbot – A modern way to stay connected with your clients

Chatbots– The automated customer care The secret of any successful business really depends on the efficiency with which you serve the customers and the amount of trust the clients have on you. You always have to be on the lookout to improve customer satisfaction through better service. Although it is not easy, modern day chatbot[...]
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Multi-lingual medical guidance chatbot – Your 24×7 healthcare assistant

Introduction The need of medical facilities today is profuse throughout the world. With the increasing population and not enough services for patients, it has become a worldwide problem that everyone is facing. Healthcare chatbot serves a solution to such issues by being a guide for patients. They are capable of directing patients according to the[...]
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Real estate chatbot to make your property selling easier

Present Scenario Real estate is a field of business which requires engagement of customers to achieve their loyalty. So, how do the agencies go about achieving that? The industry has always been about its agents. Currently as well, they have agents who talk to potential clients, meet with them and try to understand their needs.[...]
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Chatbots – Your modern fashion assistant by Abk Multiservices

Chatbot – Revolutionising industries throughout Chatbots are transforming industries all around the world. Since it was first introduced, marketing strategy and AI seem to have merged. Together, they are positively revolutionising several sectors like fashion, travel, customer support and others, in turn making their role in the future much more secure. They were initially designed[...]
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Power your digital marketing with Chatbots powered by AI

Present Landscape of digital marketing The landscape of digital marketing has been susceptible to change always. Customer behaviour is more demanding and impatient now, which is causing people to expand their views and look for efficient solutions. Chatbots are gradually getting in the digital marketing domain to assist the visitors in an economical way. Even[...]
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Chatbot – Your AI customer support assistant

The corporate image of your company or organization relies upon the service provided to the customer. If a client leaves unsatisfied, it is unlikely for them to consider your product once more. It might hamper your reputation and service expectation. That is why, you should never leave any opportunity to give a great experience. A[...]
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Chatbot – An Important Asset for Future Businesses

Introduction Chatbot is a computer designed program, mainly used to simulate communication with clients over with the help of Internet. Chatbots acts as an assistant that mainly communicate with different users through applications, text messages etc. in order to get closer look at customer’s requirements. It provides a way of improving business by enhancing the[...]
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