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Solution architect – A must for every software development

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Solution architect – A must for every software development

Understanding Software architecture

Software Architecture Support
Software Architecture Support

Today, a majority of problems related to a computerised system is due to software. Software tends to be the core of characteristics being displayed by a system. Software architecture denote the fundamental structures that are mapped into implementation of technology. The way they are formed and documented within a system determine longevity and quality of a software. Each fundamental structure contains software elements, the relations between them and the properties of the elements along with relations involved. The components necessary to create the system are described in the process for furthering the project. Software architecture basically defines how development of the required solution is going to proceed. It functions like a blueprint that lays out tasks required to be carried out for the project and system.

Software architecture tends to be the primary step towards the development of any software. Fundamental choices about the structure of the system are made from specific structural possibilities in software design. Once the options are selected and implemented, changes can be really costly. The architecture should be more adaptable in case of changes in technology and business. In the rapidly changing environment of technology, organizations face a need to convert their systems and processes to meet the emerging requirements of business. That is why a skilled and experienced person normally handles the development process, as they possess a good amount of knowledge about technology and its implementation. Solution architects procure training for designing, managing and describing the necessary engineering solution as an answer to particular business problems.

Necessity of a well-designed software architecture

Bad Architecture
Bad Architecture

The primary aim of software architecture design is the identification of requirements which affect the structural build of the software application. When an architecture is laid well by a solution architect, business risks that are associated with the building of a required technical solution gets reduced. It also helps in building a bridge among technical and business requirements. An end-to-end methodology of implementation is defined by software. Important aspects such as high availability, deployment automation, optimized flow of process, test-driven development and scalability is taken care of. By taking an active part in the system ability to automatically improve performance, development time is decreased in the software by more than 30%. A decent software architecture fulfils the necessities of software development. However, a bad software architecture could result in many unfavourable results like the following:

  • Random bugs may come up within the code due to inefficiency
  • A codebase is created that is totally unmanageable
  • Upgrade and maintenance costs are much higher

The problem – Lack of Solution architect in the competitive market

Solution architect is a person who can lead the component layout and base design for a software that is being developed. They are responsible for designing services or applications for businesses, which means it is essential for them to have a mixture of business and technical skills. They provide the necessary strategic directions to a project using their functional and technology domain skills. They understand the technical and business aspects of the development they are working and ensure that the needed suitable technical resources can be accessed with ease. They also advice on any kind of system integration and development required. If any requests are made for deviations or changes from specifications, solution architects make sure that relevant practices, standards and policies are applied correctly to the project. Owing to their skills and knowledgeable experience, they are costly to hire. You could opt for part-time architects that help you in specific projects, but if you are thinking of recruiting someone for a full-time position, remember that it could get quite difficult. Affording a full-time solution architect may cost you a fortune as the competitive market lacks such skill in a huge number. It definitely has emerged as a big problem due to the technical limitations.

Staffing a solution architect on the go

Given all the requirements of the development of a software and all the problems faced, architectural solution is very valuable if accompanied by quality and progress of their application. We as an organization, strive to provide answers to different queries in such matters and lend a helping hand. We provide skilled talent that ascertain and assist our clients in need to grow and flourish. With regularised market analysis and cloud support, your website can grow to compete. Here at ABK Multiservices, we assure quality architects who are experienced in the field of on-premise architectures and models of cloud deployment. Their skills provide massive relief to extensive pressure of maintenance and ineffective campaigning.

ABK Multiservices are on a mission to solve the challenge of affordability for companies and persevere, through a great length, only for you. Hire skilled experts at monthly and hourly rates as well. Have them available at your disposal on the go. Choose ABK Multiservices, and receive the solution you deserve. Connect now to break expectations.

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