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Power your digital marketing with Chatbots powered by AI

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Power your digital marketing with Chatbots powered by AI

Present Landscape of digital marketing

The landscape of digital marketing has been susceptible to change always. Customer behaviour is more demanding and impatient now, which is causing people to expand their views and look for efficient solutions. Chatbots are gradually getting in the digital marketing domain to assist the visitors in an economical way. Even though you can say that digital marketing has come far from where it started, it is still not there yet.

Manual Digital Marketing
Manual Digital Marketing

The whole system seems to revolve around the idea of manual ad posting. While it is effective, it is not too far-fetched to say that better accommodations can be made. There is support staff to handle consumer queries along with available limited resources for enabling the 24×7 monitoring for your leads. However, too much money is being wasted on uncertain processes like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google Ads. There is a better way to do this with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which is changing the face of digital marketing.

Traditional Digital Marketing strategies are phasing out

Traditional marketing seems to be dying out, as time passes. Marketing has transformed, which compels schools and people to bend towards a more modern way. Companies have started shifting their efforts in inbound marketing due to its proven rates of success. Moreover, traditional methods tend to be too expensive. Why pay a lot of money, when there is a better and cheaper way to market? Traditional marketing also fails to generate the Return on Investment that new digital marketing retains. Staying within traditional marketing lines will never enable strategies to reach their full potential, which is all the more reason for them to slowly create disinterest in people.

Contact Forms vs Lead generation bots

Leader Generation with Chatbots by Abk Multiservices
Leader Generation with Chatbots by Abk Multiservices

A lead refers to anyone who shows interest in the products or brand you endorse. The interest gets expressed often by going through your products and offers along with forming a connection with your endorsed brand. Chatbots have come up to be among the best of tools for initiation of contact and obtaining prospects to devote more time in engagement with the brand of your endorsement. Lead engaging bots can be utilized to provide awareness promotion of your brand on websites and social media. You can also use them to make the discoverability of your brand much better. Their excellence in conversing helps them maintain contact with your potential and current leads.

The traditional contact forms of the web are being outperformed by lead generation bots. Leads have been known to increase by a significant rate just by the addition of a chatbot to the site. Whether they come from an email, ad or campaign for marketing, leads are pouring in and chatbots continue the intended messaging without adding any landing pages or changing any site copy. Dynamic questions and better targeting are leading to a much higher number of conversions than before Your website should be customized for different sectors prospects and demographics, seeing the growth of prospects.

Lead generation bots help in capturing automated leads. They are efficient, fast and have the capability of searching and following qualified leads specifically for the brand. Only the characteristics have to be defined, after which Artificial Intelligence does its magic. Followers are increased drastically with the help of Machine Learning. Bots help in sparking conversations and keeping them engaged. They assist the visitor to understand your services and capture any potential opportunity that the visitor would like to give. Another one of many reasons which have made people tilt towards modern digital marketing is the inexpensiveness of such lead generation bots. You can use most of the bots without any applied charges, and the ones that have to be purchased, the premium ones, are worth the cost and rarely expensive.

Digital Marketing bots on Social channels

Creating a Lead magnet bot with Abk Multiservices
Creating a Lead magnet bot with Abk Multiservices

Chatbots are known to be on the tipping age of technological marketing. They portray a great way to automate several support functions. However, those are not the only things they can do. There are many more openings for you to explore and tools waiting for you to take benefit from. You can create an enhancing and profiting experience for your visitor along with yourself by paying careful attention during the phase of set up. If proper consideration is given, you will be able to develop a ‘smarter’ bot. Engaging with leads, by setting up your bot correctly for the job enables you to increase your followers with ease. Prompt response on social channels increase the chances of you winning and keeping your fans. Valuable time is also saved, which is used up in a better manner on different areas of business.

Building your digital marketing bot

While building your own digital marketing bot, there are various problems you could face. Among the most difficult ones is to make a choice of the right platform for the chatbot. You will come across an array of pros and cons for all of them that make it more tough. The perfectly proportioned bot platform for your business might just be lost in the flurry of selections. In such cases, it is always a better decision to let experts handle it, while you fruitfully enjoy the end results. Their experience combined with reliability gives it a superior edge, than you could ever achieve.

ABK Multiservices – The one stop agency for all digital marketing requirements

Abk Multiservices is a consulting agency with years of experience in providing result-yielding solutions. Our team of professionals work hard in providing you with tailor made marketing strategies for your brand. We not only handle complete digital marketing contracts build also help your marketing team in building excellent chatbots. We build chatbots not only for your websites but also for numerous social media channels. If you are searching for a capable marketing agency that understands your needs best then look no further. Contact our professionals today.

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