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Hybrid Application Development – Cutting Down the Development Cycles

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Hybrid Application Development – Cutting Down the Development Cycles

What is a Hybrid application?

The conventional development cycle for a web application development involves three major phases – Web application development, Android application development and iOS application development. Each application is developed individually and requires separate skilled resources for every phase. It is not really cost-efficient to develop applications serving a similar purpose over and over again. Hybrid application comes to your rescue here.

Hybrid application development involves development of a web application using a web-service based backend.  The hybrid application is developed using common languages like HTML, CSS and Javascript. This ensures that skilled resources are available in abundance. A hybrid application leverages the power of these simples languages to build the frontend and helps you build web as well as mobile applications using a single code base. This article discusses in depth about howelopment cycles. hybrid web applications are cutting down the dev

Hybrid Web application – Architecture

Cordova Architecture by Abk Multiservices
Cordova Architecture by Abk Multiservices

The above diagram depicts the simplistic architecture and set of technologies involved in the development of a Hybrid web application. There are three major component of every hybrid web application:

  1. Backend: The backend could be developed in any desired backend language. The backend will be responsible to provide the services and expose the database to the frontend. The backend services help the frontend code to authenticate the user and provide the data that the user is authorised to view. The general standard of data exchange that is being followed these days involves JSON. However, the web services can be independent and define its own standards as well.
  2. Frontend: The frontend of a web application is normally developed using simple frontend web development technologies like the HTML, CSS and Javascript. However, with the hybrid web applications coming into picture, there have been numerous frameworks coming into picture for the frontend as well. The frameworks have been developed with the goal to reduce your development time spent in customising the layout for mobile devices.
  3. Cordova/Ionic framework: This component of a hybrid web application is the primary layer between the web application and mobile applications. Such frameworks do the task of mapping the Javascript function calls to the Java function calls by using the byte code of the native device controls as a library.  The framework provides an interface to access the native features of the device by using native plugins. Thus, the hybrid web application development has really been possible due to this layer primarily.

How Hybrid applications are simplifying development cycle?

Reduced dependency

Hybrid applications isolate the frontend and backend almost entirely. A hybrid application can be built as a standalone front-end consuming REST services from an isolated backend. This allows the front-end developers to focus on the rendering of information rather than waiting for the services to come through. The front-end developers need not worry about the front-end framework that they use. This gives them the flexibility in their development and hence speeds up the development process.

Moreover, a hybrid application brings a major break-through in the mobile application development. With the support of Cordova/Ionic frameworks, the independent front-end codebase can be easily converted to a mobile application using a bunch of commands. Today, Cordova supports almost every mobile operating system which ensures that with the development of frontend, your mobile application is also ready alongside. This nearly eliminates the need for a native developer for every mobile app. Thus, it saves the organisations from the additional cost that they might need to bare for the native app developer.

Javascript based frameworks

With the javascript based framework acting as the base for frontend development, the codebase reduces by a great extent. Javascript is the simplest programming language yet powerful enough to development high end applications. Javascript is a domain of technology where it is comparatively easier to get good resources compared to other technologies. With Javascript being processed by the Javascript engines, the overall performance of the application is improved to a great extent.

There are numerous hybrid applications in the market that flaunt excellent UI despite having no native development. Few such examples include LinkedIn mobile application, Uber mobile application as well as Twitter web app. Such excellent brands use hybrid applications as well which justifies that hybrid applications are a definite positive business decision for you to go with.

Creating Hybrid app for your business

Despite Javascript being an easy language, putting the pieces of different frameworks together is still a challenge. This challenge is best solved by the leaders in the industry who have an exhaustive experience building such applications and products. At Abk Multiservices, we build hybrid web applications for multiple business domains like:

  • HR & Payroll
  • Accounts management
  • Mining industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Trading industry
  • Food & Beverage industry
  • Hotel & Restaurant industry

With the experience in these domain and several others, our functional experts ensure that your application contains all the necessary features to make your business simpler and management equally better. So what are you waiting for? If you wish to take your business to the next level, just get in touch.

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