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Hiring from Staffing companies – A boon for startups

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Hiring from Staffing companies – A boon for startups

Staffing services – An introduction

Find the right staff for your technology startup
Find the right staff for your technology startup

Staffing agencies are organisation that handle the pain of hiring and training the right employee for other organizations. These agencies focus on ensuring that they have resources available for you to use at any point of time. Staffing agencies help other companies to meet two challenges:

  1. Getting rid of any monthly commitments of salaries and other facilities
  2. Spike in the need of resources for some big project that comes in.

The company that is looking to hire employees specifies the number of workers they need along with the rate per hour. The agency then informs them about the rate of each worker, which is negotiable. Resources can be hired at an optimum rate. They are kept available as needed and recruited according to their qualification. Companies are charged only for the time that the workers are put to work.

Process of operation by staffing companies

Staffing Process - Abk Multiservices
Staffing Process – Abk Multiservices

Staffing companies hire the resources with careful speculation. After interviews and background checks, they are trained, if needed. The staffing line of the strategic Chief Financial Officer (CFO) bring in each staffer each quarter for reviewing their work. Their skills of financial leadership are also polished up. The necessary training is available to make the employees capable for recruitment by companies, who connect with the agency when they need staffing services. In order to make profit, the staffing companies charge at a higher monthly rate. After the negotiations are agreed upon and employees chosen, an agreement is signed, after which the resources are allocated. Companies pay for the duration of work for which the resources are utilised specifically. There are no extra charges, whatsoever.

Benefits of staffing services

Staffing agencies have contributed to the business by staffing candidates for different organisations and leading recruitment drives. They benefit the company in need in various ways. Here are a few of them:

  1. Cost effective: Using staffing services is most advantageous for companies when it comes to money. There is no burden of paying the resources regularly. There is no extra money spent on recruitment and funding processes. The staffing agencies specially train workers for specific jobs. This makes the task wrap up pretty quickly and efficiently, in a lot less money and time.
  2. Pay by use: The agencies hiring out employees usually go by a pay as you use model. The employees are made solely for the hours they work, on a mutually agreed rate per hour. This hugely makes the option of staffing favourable.
  3. Instantly available resources: The best thing about staffing companies is that they do all the time consuming, hard work for you. They carefully pick out people suitable for various jobs, and as per your requirements, help you with the employees best suited for the needed task. Resources are available immediately and more efficiently, at a minimal rate.
  4. Skilled resources: Recruitment agencies are known to have experienced and well-seasoned recruiters. They are aware of the current trends and various changes within the market. They capably pick out required employees from different groups of people, according to the company’s given criteria. They are also trained, when needed, to make them more efficient.
  5. Retention: Temporary staff that are hired through agencies are given time to learn up the methods, work and process of employees before being given a more permanent position. This helps the company, along with the employee. A lot of savings and reduced company turnover result from such chances.
  6. Network: Staffing agencies hold on to a much larger network of worker than even the department of HR for many companies. So, when you employ an agency for recruitment, the required manpower number will be filled easily within a couple of days or hours, unlike the process of direct recruitment.

Choosing the right staffing service

When you look for the ideal staffing agency, it is necessary to keep certain pointers in mind. Not all agencies will be worthy and not all worthy companies might be popular. So, remember, the ideal staffing agency must have the following qualities:

  • Must be experienced and have been doing work in the field since a few years
  • Must have resources available for most of the required skills and jobs
  • Must provide the best of rates of up to two times the normal salary
  • Should be ready with employees for resources replacement, in case of some tragedy, mistake or error

Abk Multiservices – A perfect agency to go with

Abk Multiservices is a staffing agency that has the experience of being in the market for more than 5 years. Our proficient team of technology enthusiasts make sure to cater to the best interests of our clients with professionally trained resources. If you are looking for a capable company, you do not have to look far. Abk Multiservices is the one for you! Contact us today!

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