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Chatbots – Your modern fashion assistant by Abk Multiservices

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Chatbots – Your modern fashion assistant by Abk Multiservices

Chatbot – Revolutionising industries throughout

Chatbots are transforming industries all around the world. Since it was first introduced, marketing strategy and AI seem to have merged. Together, they are positively revolutionising several sectors like fashion, travel, customer support and others, in turn making their role in the future much more secure. They were initially designed with the aim of emulating a customer service with human-like experience. However, it seems that the entire landscape of businesses’ future shine brighter due to this fresh technology.

Whether it is travelling, banking, education, insurance, healthcare or manufacturing, chatbots have penetrated through almost every market out there. With the help of powerful AI, NLP and excellent UI, they have changed the way people communicate with companies and brands, and vice versa. There has been quite an improvement in response to customers and the time saved by the force is utilized in more improvisations. Chatbots have been steering the crowd towards satisfaction with simple FAQs being answered to helping them search the needed and navigate around. There is honestly no telling as to what they could be holding for the people in future. With time, they have increased in accuracy, become prompter and started performing much better in conversations than before.

Chatbots – Your new style assistant

The industry of fashion has been taken by the storm of machine learning, AI and chatbots. From Fashion Chatbot to Data Analytics, a new purview of possibilities has been created for you. Brands of fashion are in a race to embrace these virtual stylists to ensure that their customers’ shopping experience goes beyond what is traditional. Major brands in the industry have been seen adding chatbots to their websites and social media pages so that the visitors are assisted through everything.

Chatbots that are powered by the augmented reality, give customers a much-personalized service through suggestions, information and exchange of messages as compared to the detached kind of shopping experience the Internet had brought on. Not only are the customers helped while searching through and for their desired products, the right style for them is also sought through without any major involvement of humans. It makes the whole process less cumbersome and smoother. The chatbots also enable the customer their styles across the networks for others to see, admire and even try. It is a whole new world that AI takes humans into with the help of technology and innovation. It suits the busy lives of people who can be sure, satisfied and save time altogether.

How do fashion industry chatbots help simplify processes?

The fashion industry chatbots try to replicate the conversational experience you would usually have on talking to a human, through already set up automated messages. The conversation is driven and lead towards products. It is designed make proactive contact with customers and make it feel as familiar as connecting to a personal chat assistant. What is interesting here is the fact that after knowing a few answers from you, the chatbot may accurately predict items you might like. The customer preferences are kept in mind while sorting out choices. The products are then searched from your product database for display. The chatbot provides several options to the customer so that they can shop smoothly and in a customized manner. The options enable them to go through styles, while the chatbot assists them in the selection of an outfit. While having the conversation, you can choose from a few navigation options of trying a different style, continue browsing or see the full collection. If a customer finalizes or understands a look they would want, the chatbot accurately can style a whole look based over the given output. They are even allowed to make the purchase or get redirected to the website from the social media pages.

Real-life chatbot examples

Burberry Fashion Chatbot on Facebook

Fashion Chatbot by Abk Multiservices
Burberry Facebook Chatbot

Burberry launched their fashion chatbot in 2016 during the London Fashion Week. It provides you with looks tried behind the curtains along with what inspired the entire show collection, on choosing. You are led to a puzzle which asks you to go through GIFs and pictures. Once you reach there, you will be able to buy from the collection that is the most recent. The experience of in-store is brought online as customers also get to speak with brand executives individually. The world of fashion needs and respects chatbots for such reasons which are making life comfortable for everyone. Customers get easy access to the collections and the business makes more profit through different ways of reaching out to the store.

HelloAva Onboarding Chatbot for assisting visitors

HelloAva Chatbot Welcome Page
HelloAva Chatbot welcome page

HelloAva combines the power of artificial intelligence with human expertise. On opening their site, you will be presented with a chatbot which holds a questionnaire for you about you, your skin and its needs. Your name is noted down first, after which it is confirmed whether you belong to Canada or US as they currently serve in those regions only. Your age and gender are asked after that along with various other details which will help in making the skin profile. The skincare products are recommended after consulting the doctor. If you happen to not belong to any of the two mentioned regions, you will be redirected to the home page. All this is done with the help of the HelloAva bot, which acts as a consultant and leads the conversion. It is designed quite intelligently, keeping in mind that there might be customers that may be hesitant. All are welcome to use their service. Their website clarifies more in depth about their services along with the full procedure of things that follow after the chatbot has done its work.

Getting a chatbot for your fashion brand

As you must have understood, industries are broadening their horizon and including AI technology into their business. It is benefitting the customers as well as the company, so why not? It is imperative for you to understand at this stage that it has become crucial to adopt the same means that every major fashion brand is getting. It is not comparison, but competition. Chatbots highly increase interaction rates and the productivity of the fellow workers. However, there are various types of chatbots available today in the market. Which one will suit your company best? Getting the right IT help is vital for the functioning of your business. It is neither easy nor that difficult a task as every problem comes with a solution in today’s date. The answer to your question, however, will be given by an AI powered chatbot building agency such as ABK Multiservices. They offer their exclusive help to businesses in the online world. It is always better to consult an expert, rather than taking such a big scale risk yourself.

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