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Chatbot – An Important Asset for Future Businesses

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Chatbot – An Important Asset for Future Businesses


Chatbot is a computer designed program, mainly used to simulate communication with clients over with the help of Internet. Chatbots acts as an assistant that mainly communicate with different users through applications, text messages etc. in order to get closer look at customer’s requirements. It provides a way of improving business by enhancing the satisfaction level of customers. Now a days, various small and medium size businesses are making use of Chatbots. The integration of Chatbots in business allow to scale up the operations, handle queries of customers, ranges the identical product, market content via online channels, provides interactive platform for marketing and improves the efficiency of business. In addition, there are various platforms of Chatbots such as BotKit, MEOKAY, ChattyPeople, Recast etc. that can be used by businesses. The blog covers various industries that are currently using Chatbots. Along with this, it also highlights the impact of Chatbots on customer’s satisfaction.

Industries using Chatbots currently

The various activities of humans are replaced by technology. The machines are replacing such tasks that were earlier managed by humans. For instance, a robot is used in order to handle complex surgery of human. Majority of organizations have already started using Chatbots in some form or another. The brief on different industries that are using Chatbots currently are listed as below:

Financial and banking services

In case of banking services, there are numerous customers that are not comfortable in taking with customer’s representative. Thus, especially when the customer wanted to know about credit cards, account information, investment, loans etc. Chatbots help in providing all such services by greeting the user with a “Hi” message. No matter, whether the customer wanted to know related to mortgage plans or different portfolios, Chatbots guide them by clicking on to the link in order to provide text-based answer.

Fashion industry

Chatbots is providing a way to enhance the experience of customers. The various brands such as Victoria Secret and Tommy Hilfiger has already integrated Chatbots in order to provide better services. Along with this, it also helps in increasing the sales of particular brand. Bots helps in displaying different accessories concerned with fashion that are already available at specified store. It allows the customers to provide better shopping experience as if they have actual sales representative in order to help them.

Along with this, Chatbots are also used in various other industries such as hotels and restaurants, news and media etc.

Industries using Chatbots
Industries using Chatbots


Benefits of using Chatbot

The objective of Chatbots is to scale the level of business teams in terms of relationship with clients. The involvement of Chatbots helps in saving lot of money of businesses, due to which many entrepreneurs are adopting Chatbots. The various benefits provided by Chatbots are listed as below:

Available 24*7

Bots are also known as virtual robots. They have the capability to work for 24*7 and they continue to obey different kinds of commands. Along with this, they can operate even for 365 days, without taking any break. Thus, it helps in improving the satisfaction level of customers.

Handling customers

It is estimated that humans can concentrate only at 3 to 4 things at a time. On the other hand, Chatbots have the capability to operate different conversations simultaneously.

Repetitive work automation

Chatbots allow various tasks to be automated at particular time. Thus, it helps in enhancing the productivity of business and saves the time of different individuals. Along with this, there are various other benefits of using Chatbots. It helps businesses in saving lots of money while increasing their revenue. Thus, it is safe to predict that the future of Chatbots is very shinning and bright.

Benefits of Using Chatbots
Benefits of Using Chatbots


Impact of Chatbot on overall customer satisfaction

Reaching out to various organizations with the help of emails, applications and websites is termed to be a very redundant task. The user has to wait for longer time in order to get any response of message. With such improvements, users are still not satisfied with the results. With the involvement of Chatbots, the satisfaction level of customers has increased at higher level. It also helps customers to increase up their level of operations while minimizing cost. The most important benefit of Chatbots is to provide assistance to customers irrespective of time. The integration of chatbot for customer support help businesses in solving simple and complex queries of customers. It is not only limited to solve complex queries of customers but also help business to improve their reputation. In addition, chatbot also provide the facility to redirect customer’s query to human agent.

Chatbot provides the assistance in the same way as help desk service offered by humans. The moment when the customer opens up the chat box in order to communicate, Chatbot acts as the medium to respond regarding the customer’s query. Thus, it is successful in satisfying the queries of customers by replying them at instant rate.

Rise in Customer Satisfaction
Rise in Customer Satisfaction



Automation of technologies are modifying the way different activities are taking place. With every new advancement, we are moving one step ahead towards digital future. It is here concluded that the blog covers various reasons of using Chatbots in business. In addition, various industries that are using Chatbots currently are also discussed in detailed manner. The blog also highlights the impact of using Chatbots by enhancing the satisfaction level of customers. It is very clearly estimated that the integration of Chatbots highly impact both customers and businesses. The involvement of Chatbots in proving customer service offers various businesses a way to understand the importance of Chatbots for different aspects concerned with business. Chatbots play a significant role in enhancing the business through online means. Along with this, Chatbots also help in delivering the most important requirements of business i.e. market presence and high quality of products. Thus, Chatbots will help businesses in formulating better products in an efficient manner. Furthermore, businesses will be able to provide accurate and quicker service to the clients. Lastly, in future, it is estimated that Chatbots will highly benefit various other industries such as news and media, fashion industry, banking industry etc.

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