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Chatbot – Your AI customer support assistant

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Chatbot – Your AI customer support assistant

The corporate image of your company or organization relies upon the service provided to the customer. If a client leaves unsatisfied, it is unlikely for them to consider your product once more. It might hamper your reputation and service expectation. That is why, you should never leave any opportunity to give a great experience. A chatbot is precisely the tool that helps you drastically improve your customer service.

Chatbot – An AI assistant

Chatbot - A smart AI assistant
Chatbot – A smart AI assistant

Automating customer service using AI chatbots could be among the best of ways to do that. You can integrate and customize bots to smartly answer clients and also help users register or even submit requirements and complaints without the need of any kind of human intervention. With the recent advancements achieved in NLU (Natural Language Understanding), deep learning and infinite computing, there have been more practical solutions in the AI enterprise application. Bots of AI are software systems that possess the quality of self-learning. They understand human language with no requirement of human assistance. However, for the business processes and relevant tasks to be executed, workflows should be in proper places. In order to create such workflows for the AI workers, there are two ways that can be adopted:

  1. Make use of a knowledge base of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  2. Use Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Emotions and sympathy are a totally different area for AI bots to work upon. They can be trained specifically to give responses and feedback on detection of negative or positive replies. Machine learning and AI technology allows the chatbot to resolve and understand customer queries, at the same time learn from each interaction.

Benefits of automating your support process

Chatbot Feedback Statistics
Chatbot Feedback Statistics

If you automate your support process, it will become simple for your customers to raise issues about anything with the chatbots. Here are some of the benefits presented to you:

  • Chatbots will be able to easily strike up conversations at any moment of the day with customers and engage in responsive interactions with them.
  • Virtual assistants give out only a little information at one particular time. By doing this, customers are not tired out with unnecessary and irrelevant information.
  • Virtual assistants not only begin or further a conversation, but also inform the customers about promotions and sales.
  • Chatbots are able to maintain conversations and offer product images, pages, video tutorials and blog entries, which helps in keeping customers on the website for a longer amount of time.
  • Unlike human responses, chatbots are programmed to reply as soon as a query comes in. They can tackle issues immediately no matter what time it is. It allows the improvement of customer experience along with customer support.
  • Chatbots can easily handle a huge volume of pleas which require similar responses. They do not need to search for the answers unlike their human counterparts. It reduces the service time along with operating costs a lot.
  • Chatbots have the ability to reduce human involvement. Only the matters which cannot be settled by the AI are sent to live agent, so that they can focus all of their efforts over bigger things. Employee productivity is increased due to such less involvement. Customer satisfaction is also known to increase because of that.

AI technology enables chatbots to be accurate mostly and consume the least amount of time. The cognitive technology fed into them interprets the responses of the customers to provide automated, accurate answers. Chatbots possess quite a lot memory, which reduces the misinterpretation chances of an inquiry or offering incorrect solutions.

Building a customer support assistant

For building a customer support assistant, you will have to either develop one by yourself or leverage services from a platform made for the development of chatbots. They are applications or tools by which you can create yourself a chatbot. They help by letting you enhance your bot by adding more functionalities to it like API integration, capabilities of machine learning and creation of a flow. However, no matter how easy your chatbot might be for utilization, it is not a simple job.

Due to NLP (Natural Language Processing) being democratized to the people and chat channels being made sophisticated, there has been a boost in the interest and popularity of new applications. But, NLP along is not capable of solving all challenges that are associated with the construction of a chatbot. A lot more is required for the integration of the chat experience to a process of business in order to solve an issue. You will find professional and experienced chatbot development services that will make it easier for you. Such services can also be used for various platforms of social media and websites too. It is only wise to trust on people who have known such technology and worked with it before. As easy as it might sound, there are complications and detailing involved in this piece of wonderful invention that should be handled well.

At Abk Multiservices, we focus on building excellent interactive chatbots for your social channels as well as websites. With our expertise in building bots, all your need to do is imagine and leave it on us to make it happen! Looking to try out a bot? Just get in touch!

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